Air Conditioning Sales

Our sales team will;

  • Deliver honest advice and guidance.
  • Provide a comprehensive, efficient professional service at a competitive price for both domestic and commercial clients.

Our team can advise you on;

  • The most energy efficient commercial air conditioning units available.
  • The various scenarios to consider in commercial properties, for example:
  • Computer rooms where rising temperatures can cause overheating and result in damage to servers.
  • Office space can quickly become uncomfortable due to a large number of occupants, office lighting and heat produced from electronic equipment.
  • Each work space will have its own challenges for providing effective cooling and/or heating systems.
  • On the integration of an existing system.
  • Or a complete new ducted air conditioning installation.
  • A customized solution to suit your business. McGuire Air and Refrigeration’s trained and qualified staff provide step by step advice and approach to commercial air conditioning systems.

Ducted Air Conditioning

  • McGuire Air & Refrigeration supply all the major brands and are approved installers of Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and ActronAir.
  • Systems are available for both domestic and commercial properties.
  • Provide a heating and cooling solution that can be concealed in the ceiling.
  • They also purify the air.
  • A ducted air conditioning system is the most effective system for larger properties.
  • The grilles allow for the system to be located discretely almost anywhere blending in with interior décor.

Air Conditioner Service

  • Getting an air conditioner service is like servicing your car and needs to be done regularly to protect your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Having your system serviced will help maintain its performance and running cost efficiency.
  • A fully functioning air conditioning unit will improve air quality, reduce allergies and minimize airborne bacteria.

To enquire about or book a air conditioning service please call 07-4952-1140 or email us